Art Launch

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Thank you for applying to the 2017 Escapist Mentorship Program!  By filling out this application and submitting it, you agree and understand:
  • The images submitted represent true, original artwork created by you;
  • You are willing to submit to a brief in-person, telephonic or Skype interview in the early part of 2017 if the jury selection scoring process does not identify a clear cohort for the 2017 Escapist class after the online application process; 
  • Individual or group Escapist meetings with mentors John Ross Palmer and Ryan Lindsay will be held at the sole discretion of the mentors; 
  • 2017 Escapist Artists in Houston will have free use of studio and gallery space in the Chrysalis located at 1218 Heights Blvd., Suite A, Houston, Texas 77008.  Each Escapist must sign and adhere to a basic Studio Rules & Guidelines Statement at the onset of the year.  You must sign and approve a one-year Sales Agreement for sales that occur at the Chrysalis and also includes referrals from the program mentors.  The split will be 60% Artist and 40% to the nonprofit, Art Launch.
  • There is a goal to have a large, graduation ceremony at the completion of the year.  For large events such as this with very high costs, Escapists will have a separate Sales Agreement about the terms of the event and the sharing of proceeds.  For example, every year since 2010, the graduation event Sales Agreement split has been 50% Artist and 50% to Art Launch.
  • You may be removed from the Escapist Mentorship Program at the discretion of the mentors or the Board of Directors of Art Launch should you not adhere to the assignments, attend meetings or any reason at the sole discretion of the mentors or the Art Launch Board of Directors.
  • You are not contractually obligated to another gallery, person or entity that would prohibit your participation in the Mentorship Program and earning income at the Chrysalis.
  • You have not purchased original artwork by John Ross Palmer within the last calendar year. (Merchandise, painting party tickets and acquisitions less than $500 do no apply.)
  • You have not applied to the program two or more times.  (If you have applied once, please re-apply.  If you have applied two or more times, you cannot re-apply.)
  • Houston Escapists commit to being at the Escapist Initiation Ceremony on Sunday, February 5th and the inaugural Escapist Retreat on Saturday, February 11th.  All Escapists commit to being at the graduation gala on Saturday, October 14th.
  • Houston Escapists agree to a minimum of 10 hours of art studio time per week unless an exception is granted by the mentors in writing.
  • Houston Escapists will agree to a shared cleaning schedule for the Chrysalis.
  • The text you submit with this application becomes the property of Art Launch.  The images you submit are for review by the jury only and remain your property.